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Professional Welding Services

Pacheco Welding is one of the most experienced welding companies in Boston, with a fleet of mobile welding trucks out in full force. Our welders serve residential, commercial, and industrial customers with expert welding services on countless projects where professional welding is required for structural strength, stability and functionality. We are certified in a wide variety of disciplines, including AWS D1.1 structural welding. We follow the API 1104 and ASME B31 pipe welding procedures which includes root pass, filled pass, and cover pass in down hand or up hand positions. We follow all of the necessary safety precautions and procedures, and our trucks are equipped with all of the best equipment. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of our services, which includes:

  • 6G Pipe Welding

  • Carbon Pipe Welding

  • Stainless Steel Pipe Welding

  • Process Pipe Welding

  • Gas Pipe Welding

  • X-Ray Pipe Welding

  • Steam & Chilled Water Pipe Welding

  • Structural Steel Welding

  • Structural Galvanized Welding

  • Structural Metal Roof Welding

  • High-Rise Building Welding Joints

  • Metal Beam Column Welding

  • Customized Fabrications

  • Mobile Welding

  • TIG Welding

  • ARC Welding

  • MIG Welding

  • STICK Welding

  • Aluminum Welding

  • Fire Escape Repairs

  • Restaurant Appliance Welding

  • Heavy Equipment Repairs

  • Fence & Gate Welding & Repairs

  • Spiral Staircase Fabrication & Repairs

  • Truck Frame & Bed Welding

  • Loading Dock Installation & Repair Welding

  • On-Site Excavation Equipment Repairs

(617) 286-9702

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